Thursday, 23 January 2014

Time seems to have flown by since the onset of autumn with lots of stock to move onto their winter grazing sites and a new intake of sheep arriving.
Most of the cattle are now safely away to their winter quarters and with just a few left to graze a parcel of selected sites around north Tyneside. With the weather turning much wetter since the turn of the year we will have to watch the ground conditions carefully for the remainder of the winter to make sure the swards are left in the appropriate condition for the spring.
The new year has also seen the St Georges group being disbanded, a victim of cutbacks within the NHS, which means we will be short of stock checkers for a couple of sites so if anyone lives nearby and fancies some fresh air while checking the animals let me know!

Shetland wethers arriving to grazing some whin sill grassland near Hexham.

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